• 4:08 can someone know name of this sound/music whatever is this?

    Jacob 杰克Jacob 杰克Pred 2 minutami
  • Que jogo maneiro tá doido

    Daniel BoyDaniel BoyPred 31 minuto
  • Penguin are chilling when the world in ruin

    ThatSandSoftThatSandSoftPred 49 minutami
  • My 1060ti is shivering while watching this trailer.

    Sponge GamingSponge GamingPred 2 urami
  • nice

    Enjoy Art & MusicEnjoy Art & MusicPred 2 urami
  • Wait! Was that... Domavand Peak ??? O_o

    Andrey LebedenkoAndrey LebedenkoPred 2 urami
  • The only thing this trailer is missing is someone screaming "PROMOTED!!"

    Craig LumsdenCraig LumsdenPred 4 urami
  • Chaos everywhere I love it

    joseph leejoseph leePred 4 urami
  • Спеклись EA. Война клонов? Куча народу тупит когда их расстреливают. И конечно же бравые западные воины побеждают всех! Battlefield 3 был отличным, 5 часть тоже хороша. Battlefield 1 отличным! А вот это.... такое себе :(

    EzhikinEzhikinPred 6 urami
    • ты хоть час понял, что написал? Какая война клонов и западные воины? Тут даже намёков на это нет

      Hachapuri BorovskyHachapuri BorovskyPred 5 urami
  • Take my money!

    Cristian RadulescuCristian RadulescuPred 7 urami
  • 666

    Ricky NicolRicky NicolPred 9 urami
  • Woooow thats cool 😎

    Punisher LooolPunisher LooolPred 10 urami
  • Gamer so realistic: F15 opens the wrong way

    fancy ngandwefancy ngandwePred 10 urami

    JaellsJaellsPred 12 urami
  • *MVP : Typhoon*

    Fanir BiyalFanir BiyalPred 14 urami
  • This is how my great grandfather used to go to school 🤣🤣

    Tasrick HasanTasrick HasanPred 14 urami
  • Give me my BF1 landship please

    Seamus HellingsSeamus HellingsPred 14 urami
  • Battlefield should make a colonial warfare game. THE FIRST multi player colonial game.

    Quick BrickQuick BrickPred 15 urami
  • Why Bf3 & BF4 Has Mobile Anti Air-AA & where is our BF 2042 Mobile-AA. Are EA is Cheating us again is it ?

    creeply joescreeply joesPred 15 urami
  • Rezen Para que no sea como Cyberpunk 2077

    Kashimoto KunKashimoto KunPred 15 urami
  • “I get those goosebumps every time”

    RealityRealityPred 16 urami
  • im here only for the single player campain

    MyAcer20MyAcer20Pred 17 urami
  • Didn't this trailer use to have music?

    JFomoJFomoPred 18 urami
    • @JFomo yeah its just for a few seconds

      Ghost MrnstGhost MrnstPred 12 urami
    • @Ghost Mrnst I know but I could have sworn "Kickstart my Heart" was louder played longer.

      JFomoJFomoPred 13 urami
    • It does bruh

      Ghost MrnstGhost MrnstPred 13 urami
  • When it will release??

    Super Mario 64Super Mario 64Pred 18 urami
  • I'll probably watch this trailer once a week until release / more gameplay releases.. no shame!

    ThaammmThaammmPred 18 urami
  • This trailer already has more likes then the modern warfare trailer and it’s only been a month 😂

    James with the m3James with the m3Pred 19 urami
    • ok

      Kim Cederlund 03Kim Cederlund 03Pred 7 urami
  • 0:29 :(

    XeoXeoPred 19 urami

    twenntwennPred 19 urami
  • I don't know how I feel about the portal system . On one hand seems cool on the other it feels like they are making us work for free by basically giving you a map editor . So no actually game modes by the creator ? Only what players have built I feel like there is gonna be some way to bend wining in your favor if you choose how the map is set up ..I'm not sold on this but I'm not against it either I'll have to see how the reviews are after the games drops

    Tyler PolitoTyler PolitoPred 21 uro
  • Feels like the first honest BF trailer.

    SaviOr747SaviOr747Pred 21 uro
    • What about BF3, BF2, BF1942, BFBC?

      SlickSlickPred 18 urami
  • When the game is released it will destroy all the current games I have a feeling

    Ibrahim GamerIbrahim GamerPred 21 uro

    Kevin SanchezKevin SanchezPred 21 uro
  • The way non-realistic things happen the whole time is full of the exaggerated swagger of the Battlefield community.

    A-10 WarthogA-10 WarthogPred 21 uro
  • Stiil watching it.. Feels like iam watching it for first time 😍😍📺

    Soldier_ moha1nSoldier_ moha1nPred 22 urami
  • Bizede anca youtube dan izlemek düşer :/

    HüseyinHüseyinPred 23 urami
  • New cheater heaven looks good.

    Tugsuu GsgTugsuu GsgPred 23 urami
  • Можно ли играть пс4???

    Nabihon YoqubovNabihon YoqubovPred 23 urami
  • It's not like I wanna expect a cyberpunk version of Battlefield to suck, but... I can only hope it doesn't.

    WillieMangaWillieMangaPred dnevom
  • Cyberpunk 2042

    fiddjifiddjiPred dnevom
  • İns easter abi bunu alirda izlerim

    Halime PögeHalime PögePred dnevom

    Travis FubuTravis FubuPred dnevom
    • The soldier with the wingsuit and helmet is a woman.

      SlickSlickPred 18 urami
    • I know you’re being sarcastic 😂 but just in case you’re not I’m pretty sure the soldier with a wing suit at the beginning is a woman and one of the soldiers to react to the heli on the building was a woman too lol

      A'Zhaun MolettA'Zhaun MolettPred 20 urami
  • If trying too hard was a game

    Travis FubuTravis FubuPred dnevom
  • I wish a game to move that Fluidly

    Anthony SodanoAnthony SodanoPred dnevom
  • Im looking at the trailer again as you do, i noticed that at 4:24 the little taxi says why walk when you can fly? And the operator proceeds to fly

    Crimson HoodlumCrimson HoodlumPred dnevom
  • What da dog doin?

    t7t7Pred dnevom
  • can u add 3rd person to bf3 bf1 bf4 bfV and bf2042

    SofiaG77SofiaG77Pred dnevom
  • i cant pay my rent for this month, but i at least got the pre order xD

    Lucas LemosLucas LemosPred dnevom

    JJ AssaltJJ AssaltPred dnevom
  • Nice trailer. The best seen before, like a Real war mixed to the future. Wait it!!

    Massimo DalmaziaMassimo DalmaziaPred dnevom
  • R E N D E Z O O K

    Ke na le video kanaleng ea kaKe na le video kanaleng ea kaPred dnevom
  • This looks promising. It appears Dice made the wise decision to abandon wokeness.

    Grin ReaperGrin ReaperPred dnevom
  • Bu oyunu almalıyım inş PC kaldırır

    Efecan KızılEfecan KızılPred dnevom
  • Are we just gonna ignore the Cybertruck at 1:50?

    SethSethPred dnevom
  • This is amazing little mother October arrives soon

    vernny cordero 🇨🇷vernny cordero 🇨🇷Pred dnevom
  • Why does this trailer looks like something Warface did years ago

    LynxLynxPred dnevom
  • I hope there is a mp game mode like 20v20 itll probably be good for good kd or for leveling up guns

    Changing my name to waffles cos Edwin B likes it.Changing my name to waffles cos Edwin B likes it.Pred dnevom
  • 1:04 Anyone else here the faint "meow" or "no"?

    SMAJinSMAJinPred dnevom
  • Not gonna lie....imma try to land a rendezook on launch.

    Jose JosefinoJose JosefinoPred dnevom
  • That guy with the wing suit is a chad

    k Bobk BobPred dnevom
  • Lmc if you're a sniper

    Skyler AwaSkyler AwaPred dnevom
  • I guess I need to upgrade my whole PC.

    PensumPensumPred dnevom
  • Can't wait for a tactic tier list for this from our favorite division; the bean berets.

    Blitzkrieg WolfBlitzkrieg WolfPred dnevom
  • Never have played battlefield and now i ask why aren’t more shooters like this

    Boi BroskyBoi BroskyPred dnevom
  • Future war of China vs USA

    Apple StudioApple StudioPred dnevom
  • im curious about the teams, like, obviously the beutiful USA is gonna be there, but, r there gonna be russians or chinese like battlefield 4, if u know plz tell me, thx

    Mr. TMr. TPred dnevom
    • In the gameplay trailer it said "the russians are falling back"

      SlickSlickPred 18 urami
  • The only dislikes are the people who missed the like button

    Mr. ChunkMr. ChunkPred dnevom
  • They're really just leaning in on making the game as close to Robert Stoneman's 'Moments' as possible and I love it. That video might as well be a trailer for Battlefield itself lmao

    Barfing ChickenBarfing ChickenPred dnevom

    Josh DinhJosh DinhPred dnevom
  • Here before 20 million views

    Josh DinhJosh DinhPred dnevom
  • Why walk, when you can F L Y

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoPred dnevom
  • Tired of playing modern, tired of playing World War I and World War II, and this time back to modern, I'm very excited, but I don't like science fiction anyway. Please make the battlefield the best "This is Battlefield.Only in Battlefield" Let every battlefield be qualified to say this

    Xiangli LiXiangli LiPred dnevom
  • no mechs??

    FlarFlarPred dnevom
    • It's only near future not full blown futuristic

      OrenjiOrenjiPred dnevom
  • Too much.

    Jeroen De CloeJeroen De CloePred dnevom
  • The Environment got so much hot that storm needed to be added

    Rishav ThakurRishav ThakurPred dnevom
  • wheres the pre order?

    DezonedDezonedPred dnevom
    • What platform are you using

      Im mad and Your right butIm mad and Your right butPred dnevom
  • hey look EA did something good

    LuiLuiPred dnevom
    • Dice*

      Im mad and Your right butIm mad and Your right butPred dnevom
  • I can’t wait I already pre ordered I’m too anxious🤦‍♂️

    Timothy GreenTimothy GreenPred 2 dnevi
    • Me too!

      Im mad and Your right butIm mad and Your right butPred dnevom
  • MOMMA **** ****

    ChooChoosGamingChooChoosGamingPred 2 dnevi
  • Ya quiero que salga!!! La neta Warzone ya da hueva!!!

    FanatickhanFanatickhanPred 2 dnevi
  • 1:23 the last dude jumping infront of the container DEFINITELY got shot by atleast 3 of his buddies.

    BublitoBublitoPred 2 dnevi
  • The People: We want WW2 games! Also the people: We want future warfare! Battlefield: Wait a second.. C O M B I N E!

    History SecretsHistory SecretsPred 2 dnevi
    • @LiquidKat tbh i kinda want more i want bf5 but actually not screwed up at launch.

      LastLastPred 47 minutami
    • Nobody wants anymore WW2 games trust me lol.

      LiquidKatLiquidKatPred 16 urami
    • @History Secrets yes

      Peep GuyPeep GuyPred 20 urami
    • @Troll Eh no.. Absolutely not.

      History SecretsHistory SecretsPred dnevom
    • Stolen comment

      TrollTrollPred dnevom
  • BattlePunk 2077

    ChazzYjazzChazzYjazzPred 2 dnevi
  • Why would you have a four wheeler on top of a sky scraper?

    Claude KelleyClaude KelleyPred 2 dnevi

      SlickSlickPred 18 urami
    • Why not

      Im mad and Your right butIm mad and Your right butPred dnevom
  • 진짜 트레일러 개웅장하네 미쳤네

    Cream MeatballCream MeatballPred 2 dnevi
  • Q: what is the proudest thing for a gamer? A: the developer put his trick shot on their new trailer

    Tan METan MEPred 2 dnevi
  • The person who came up the rendezook idea into the trailer should need a raise

    Tan METan MEPred 2 dnevi
  • Those dudes by the containers got merked 😂

    FUD BABYFUD BABYPred 2 dnevi
  • All those 17 million viewers are hard core gamers I guess

    RESPECTRESPECTPred 2 dnevi
  • Best trailer in the world

    Walter MingWalter MingPred 2 dnevi
  • Wait is it comeing out in 2042?

    jon the gamerjon the gamerPred 2 dnevi
    • Yes

      ThePearMafiaThePearMafiaPred 4 urami
  • 2:58

    nwenlernwenlerPred 2 dnevi
  • The trickshot was so clean no cap

    Léon STARACELéon STARACEPred 2 dnevi
  • This is highly problematic for diversity, where are the Trans soldiers ? This is not very inclusive !

    CorneeCorneePred 2 dnevi
  • 666

    Arash TahamiArash TahamiPred 2 dnevi

    Nicolas LubranoNicolas LubranoPred 2 dnevi
  • Preordered last night for my series x

    MrDeez1993MrDeez1993Pred 2 dnevi
  • shut up and take my money now

    Mattias HagebøMattias HagebøPred 2 dnevi
  • I want this game yesterday

    Frost GamezFrost GamezPred 2 dnevi
  • so I say to this trailer Y E S

    techno stantechno stanPred 2 dnevi
  • Huuuh

    Ekrem BakırEkrem BakırPred 2 dnevi