Elon Musk Charmingly Defeating a Room Full Of Oil Giants

2. maj. 2021
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Elon Musk shows how to easily convince a room full of oil giants at the Oil and Gas Summit in Norway 2014 provided by ONS. Check out their channel here: slhttp.info...
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    The not so boring ManThe not so boring ManPred mesecem
    • @Sophia Benjamin Reality Check ✅ look my friends⁉️ You have all been mislead⁉️ So it not your fault OK.! There is no such thing as⁉️ Stopping at +1.5 Celsius⁉️ That's delusional thinking 🤔 By the Green Mafia Burning⁉️ Every tree they can possibly⁉️ Find for +90% BIOENERGY ⁉️ We are talking ±16 Celsius⁉️ Which is a normal condition⁉️ Reducing carrying capacity⁉️ To max 2 Billion in 24 month⁉️ The State of Green Denmark⁉️ Knows this better than most⁉️ P.s but unfortunately MAERSK⁉️ Said shut up do as your told⁉️ Reality Check ✅ Is Arctic Glacier Group 100% correct⁉️ A Mass Extinction Event is unavoidable⁉️ Reality Check ✅ Yes "until the last minutes of late 2016⁉️ Our so called Climate Science told⁉️ The entire World "we do not see⁉️ Temperatures in the Arctic Reaching⁉️ ±20 Celsius by the earliest 2300⁉️ Nov 22. 2016 the Day we lost it all ⁉️ Extraordinarily hot’ Arctic temperatures alarm scientist's Boom ±20 Celsius in the coldest place on Earth the Arctic⁉️ www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2016/nov/22/extraordinarily-hot-arctic-temperatures-alarm-scientists Reality Check ✅ P.s did Climate-Science know⁉️ Yes they did from no less than⁉️ 25 abrupt Climate-Change events⁉️ In the Ice cores from Greenland⁉️ Reality Check ✅ Dose the State of Green Denmark ring a bell⁉️ Burning the Amazon Rainforests Deliberately⁉️ To stop ±16 Celsius⁉️ From it's own Ice cores drill⁉️ site's in Greenland⁉️ nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2020-02-23-koebenhavn-braender-trae-fra-amazonas-for-at-hjaelpe-klimaet We're temperatures Globally⁉️ Reached +16 Celsius in two decades⁉️ +16 Celsius occurred simultaneously across the globe In Greenland, ice cores recorded more than 25 abrupt warming episodes during this period, known as the “Dansgaard-Oeschger events.”⁉️ The episodes were characterized by major temperature fluctuations of up to 16 degrees Celsius, and these spikes sometimes happened in a matter of a few decades 2025 2030 latest 2040 the End⁉️ www.earth.com/news/abrupt-climate-changes-occur-simultaneously-across-the-glob Reality Check ✅ look my friends⁉️ You have all be mislead⁉️ So it not your fault OK.! I understand it's a hard bullet to bite⁉️ They are not going to stop⁉️ Thia is the IEA & UN CLIMATE ACTION⁉️ They make -+$10 Trillion a year from the +90% BIOENERGY⁉️ Biomass At 150% Higher CO2 emissions to even Coal⁉️ Biofules Palm Oil at 300% higher CO2 emissions to even Oil⁉️ Land Sea Air⁉️ The higher the cost of Energy⁉️ In any given County⁉️ Saying Renewable Energy⁉️ The Higher the CO2 Emissions⁉️ 50% are Government taxes⁉️ 50% Profit for investorers⁉️ You put in $100 Million⁉️ Due to the fact the trees are stolen one could say⁉️ At rock bottom prices⁉️ Which can then be Sold⁉️ At Phenomenal prices⁉️ In Europe America⁉️ It takes 6 months⁉️ To become a Billionaire⁉️ That's what sustainable⁉️ Investment is all about⁉️ Go to any website⁉️ They all have Tree's⁉️ They all say protect⁉️ Our Biodiversity⁉️ Our Forests Rainforests⁉️ So People think they are doing it⁉️ When it's all about burning then deliberately day and night⁉️ www.eia.gov/energyexplained/biomass/biomass-and-the-environment.php Reality Check ✅ Even worse⁉️ America is back⁉️ America first is back 2024🔙 The Green Mafia in America⁉️ At 150% Higher CO2 emissions⁉️ To even American Clean Coal (BIOMASS SCAM BY EIA & UN CLIMATE ACTION)⁉️ Is history at the next⁉️ Presidential election ⁉️ In America 2024⁉️ Trump Weighs 2024 Run Without Mike Pence, Allies Say⁉️ www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-03/trump-weighs-2024-white-house-run-without-mike-pence-allies-say Reality Check ✅ The IEAs Green Mafias⁉️ And Greta Thunberg⁉️ The Green Mafia Bosses⁉️ “25 x 25” is a Big Fat⁉️ Biodiversity Massacre⁉️ In America on Biomass⁉️ Like all over Earth at COP26⁉️ www.huffpost.com/entry/post_4087_b_2073600 Reality Check ✅ BBC just now? World needs a Green Recovery? G7 is fully committed? To Net 0 CO2 emissions 2050? Reality Check ✅ Investment? Is moving away from Coal? Into Biomass at 150% Higher CO2 emissions to even Coal? Reality Check ✅ Investment? Is moving away from Oil? Into Biofules Palm Oil at 300% CO2 emissions to even Oil? Reality Check ✅ The World needs to do like Europe, Whice has never reduced? CO2 emissions as much as it does now? Reality Check ✅ Europe’s renewable energy policy is built on burning American trees Biomass energy is inadvertently making the climate crisis worse? Reality Check ✅ You cannot make as much as a Cop of Tea, drive car train bus truck, take a Ship or a plane without burning a tree? www.vox.com/science-and-health/2019/3/4/18216045/renewable-energy-wood-pellets-biomass Reality Check ✅ Greta’s very corporate children’s crusade⁉️ Behind the schoolgirl climate warrior lies a shadowy cabal of lobbyists, investors and energy companies seeking to profit from a green bonanza⁉️ Reality Check ✅ The Green Mafia⁉️ +90% BIOENERGY⁉️ Biomass at 150% Higher CO2 emissions to even Coal⁉️ Biofuels Palm-Oil at 150% Higher CO2 emissions to even Oil 🛢️⁉️ standpointmag.co.uk/gretas-very-corporate-childrens-crusade/ Reality Check ✅ The Green Mafia⁉️ Renewable Energy over 90% is⁉️ ±120.000 football Pitches of our Forests Rainforests Burned Deliberately every 24 hour's⏲️⚽ www.researchgate.net/figure/World-1-total-primary-energy-supply-TPES-from-1971-to-2014-by-fuel-Mtoe-1-World_fig2_328024940 Reality Check ✅ The UN Chief says Green⁉️ Investment⁉️ What dose the Don Corleone⁉️ Of the Green Mafia⁉️ Mean by that⁉️ All the way to China⁉️ Biomass at 150% Higher CO2 emissions to even Coal⁉️ Coal power Stations⁉️ All over the world being⁉️ Convertet to burn our Tree's⁉️ Out Forests Rainforests⁉️ Deliberately day and night⁉️ The Green Mafia is ⁉️ Is Climate Change⁉️ The Green Mafia is out⁉️ slhttp.info/dron/video/mZXfrdiBocevqqc.html EU renewable energy policy subsidizes surge in logging of Estonia’s protected areas⁉️ (commentary -+120.000 football fields of our Forests Rainforests the UN Chief Burns Deliberately every 24 hour's⚽⁉️) news.mongabay.com/2020/12/eu-renewable-energy-policy-subsidizes-surge-in-logging-of-estonias-protected-areas-commentary / Reality Check ✅ Physicists: 90% Chance of Human Society Collapsing Within Decades⁉️ Reality Check ✅ Deforestation coupled with the rampant destruction of natural resources will soon have devastating effects on the future of society as we know it, according to two theoretical physicists who study complex systems and have concluded that greed has put us on a path to irreversible collapse within the next two to four decades, as VICE reported⁉️ Reality Check ✅ 90% of what you see here⁉️ Is from the Green Mafia⁉️ -+120.000 football Pitches of Forests Rainforests Burner Deliberately every 24 hour's⁉️⚽ Reality Check ✅ For the Green Mafias⁉️ +90% BIOENERGY, biomass at 150% Higher CO2 emissions to even Coal⁉️ Biofules Palm Oil at 300% higher CO2 emissions to even Oil⁉️ Reality Check ✅ In the New Green Deal⁉️ Net 0 CO2 emissions 2050⁉️ www.ecowatch.com/human-society-collapse-deforestation-2646869167.html Reality Check ✅ Even worse we all⁉️ Have to listen to them all⁉️ At COP26 saying⁉️ I'm so proud⁉️ "Honnord to be here⁉️ Reality Check ✅ Protect our Biodiversity⁉️ Protect our forests Rainforests ⚽⏲️⁉️ Reality Check ✅ Net 0 CO2 emissions 2050⁉️ Reality Check ✅ While all can read⁉️ Reality Check ✅ They all work for the Green Mafia⁉️ Burning every tree they can possibly find⁉️ Reality Check ✅ 500+ experts call on world’s nations to not burn forests to make energy⁉️ news.mongabay.com/2021/02/500-experts-call-on-worlds-nations-to-not-burn-forests-to-make-energy/

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    • (expert Darcy) bitcoin guidance 👆👆

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    • 1 9 1 0 9 7 3 8 1 9 1

      Johnny BradleyJohnny BradleyPred 5 dnevi
    • Rigggggggggggght. Not a bad SHOWMAN - just BELOW P.T. Barnum. 16 Supertankers EXPEL the same amount of pollution as the ENTIRE worlds vehicular fleet (85 million). BUT there are anywhere from 40, 000 (FORTY THOUSAND) to 85,000 (EIGHTY FIVE THOUISAND) of these ships going DAILY! Tesla uses A LOT of supertankers , so I call out YOUR "FEEL GOOD VIRTUE-SIGNALLING" YAP-FLAPPIN Musk.

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  • Saudi cannot export sunlight and it's even latitudinal distribution gives them no unique advantage over similar regions. Hydrocarbons and the manner in which they are sequestered and maybe accessed is however very different.

    Guide504Guide504Pred uro
  • Did anyone else think those ear mics were q-tips when they were a kid

    JagiloonJagiloonPred 2 urami
  • Whyyyy is she doinnngggg thhheeeee intttterrrvvviieewwwwwwwww

    mike wedgwoodmike wedgwoodPred 4 urami
  • It’s not in Elon’s best interest to speak any good of fossil fuels. But we can ignore that fact. P.s. elon is a fraud and only got to where he is Bc of his money. Well it started with his parents money. He did not create PayPal and he most certainly did not create Tesla. He pretty much stole the company from the original founders. Any interview of people who have worked with him the past all talk about how shit his coding was.

    ryan priceryan pricePred 5 urami
  • Not Cringe.

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  • A man of vision,no cap

    I am INEVITABLEI am INEVITABLEPred 7 urami
  • The man is amazing. I mean who can say they’ve lied and bribed their way to the top.... all on government grants and hand outs. Not to mention his fake ex farce Oh and he wears a toupee

    Nadia MillerNadia MillerPred 8 urami
  • Yeah shitty gas and ignorance.maintenance. etc.

    keith wukmirkeith wukmirPred 9 urami
  • Interviewer; "Every hospital would have to close down". Elon shrugging her off; "Don't be ridiculous". *Interviewer.exe has shut down and finally shut up.*

    Rusty HoweRusty HowePred 12 urami
    • He said “That would be ridiculous” referring to a sudden halt of hydrocarbon use.

      ytmndanytmndanPred uro
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  • Elon musk the fool

    The Elderscrolls nerd Ysgramorthegr8The Elderscrolls nerd Ysgramorthegr8Pred 18 urami
  • The real problem is that if we use less oil then someday the oil will come back. If we keep producing Lithium batteries for electric vehicles, well, that Lithium will never come back. All of the Lithium that will ever exist was created when the earth was created, and there never will be any more. Sales and marketing people want you to believe that battery technology is getting better, but what you are buying is simply battery packs with more Lithium cells. It's reaching it's own dead end already.

    Haunter _1Haunter _1Pred 20 urami
  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    David CuevasDavid CuevasPred 21 uro
  • She’s such a bad and brain dead interviewer 💀

    JareddJareddPred 22 urami
  • The thing about people like her is, when they’re at the very limits of their intellectual capabilities, they immediately doubt everything they can’t understand. They just can’t fathom how/why other human beings could be smarter and more intelligent than they are.

  • sure, electric cars will beat gas ones, in the end thay are safer to enviorement, cause everyone knows that electricity comes out of thin air

    NinnghNinnghPred 22 urami
  • This... presenter is the definition of "money is more valuable than anything".

    A. J.A. J.Pred 22 urami
  • l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her comment below let's gooooo

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    • I just made my second withdraw again today trading with expert Mrs Jane, I can't wait for the next 7 days to cash out again.

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    • I doubted it too before I give it a try........ And it was not regret.

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    • Anyone who introduced you to Mrs Jayne love you.

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    • Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Jane

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    • Her last week trade was boom boom!!!!

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  • Lol if you stopped drilling and mining there wouldn't be any teslas buy 🤣

    Rylan O'NeillRylan O'NeillPred 23 urami
  • More and more vehicles moving to battery would make world dependent more and more on China. Oil needs to be there till one finds replacement for lithium.

  • I refuse to buy an EV I’ll take the heel toe express , thanks

    Myles BookerMyles BookerPred dnevom
  • She's acting like an anti-vaxer hearing someone explaining how vaccines are the solution for COVID. :-|

    Caio MagalhãesCaio MagalhãesPred dnevom
  • Sounds well grounded, yet soft around the edges. Beautifyl family, great father, who is teaching his sons, to be leaders. From amazon car hop trays.

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    Xavier AckersXavier AckersPred dnevom
  • Elon Musk is a scammer.

    Paul RubinoPaul RubinoPred dnevom
  • Elon: *Speaks common sense* "Elon Musk *DESTROYS* Oil tycoons with facts and logic."

    RadianRadianPred dnevom
    • if only he listened to other tech giants experience trying to compete in China. Now his source code got jacked and he's crying as if the CCP gives a crap about it lol.

      KOSAMA GAMES (コドバリノ)KOSAMA GAMES (コドバリノ)Pred dnevom
  • I feel like every time he stutters is because he’s trying to explain something very complicated to regular people

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. LuffyPred dnevom
  • There's been , literally, 100000s of very good engineers, designers, activists that have been moving the World toward renewable energy ..for DECADES. Mr Musk's battery innovations (or, his team's innovations) have contributed for a short while. If people need to worship a guru, so that they can understand a politic or a philosophy .. go ahead, if that's what you need to be connectied to an issue. Other people read what the World is doing, what all of Theoretical Science and Materials science, is doing, for the greater good of clean(er) energy. People seem to need (faulty American) heroes for some reason... Zuckerberg invented social media and the Web Page apparently. Sergei Brin invented the internet and databases -- apparently. Bezos invented on-line shopping and he also invented the cardboard box - apparently. There are heroes and visionaries: Newton, Einstein, Bohr, Crick & Watson, Galileo, Gauss, Faraday, Planck etc that might truly have earned the sobriquet: hero. Have to admit - Musk does have to be admired : because I have no idea how he managed to shove PayPAL charges down people's throats, in a World where interest charges were dropping like autumn leaves - he did something amazing there....possibly even Hypnotism.

    oov55oov55Pred dnevom
  • All he speaks is pure truth

    bob shawbob shawPred dnevom
  • I like that he does not believe in imeadiatly stopping all oil in gas production. But building a renewable environment that would eventually become more efficient to me nothing is wrong with that.

    Nerd RealmNerd RealmPred dnevom
  • No need to put him on a pedestal bruh. He's just saying what everyone else thinks. Do you really believe someone is like "no! mommy said I can still extract oil! mommy!! that man over there is mean to me" xD

    Felony MelodyFelony MelodyPred dnevom
  • People laugh at him because they're narrow sited.

    Andrew FewtrellAndrew FewtrellPred dnevom
  • Blockbuster could of bought Netflix

    Daddy DukeDaddy DukePred dnevom
  • his brain is faster than his mouth lol

    PhantomHottyPhantomHottyPred dnevom
    • Lol he was also trying to dumb down what he was thinking for her to understand too

      LA BEASTLA BEASTPred dnevom
  • He didn't defeat anything. He's stating the obvious, while schilling for a fraud industry ("renewable" energy), that is little better (and in some cases worse) than the fossil fuel industry.

    Andre HpunktAndre HpunktPred dnevom
  • How about we eliminate the need for energy at all. That would solve absolutely every problem instantly. The result would be an enormous garden

    Cool ShirtCool ShirtPred dnevom
    • @shrdlu Logically speaking. Coexisting with a known galactic colony would mean that any advancements in teleportation would be far more superior

      Cool ShirtCool ShirtPred dnevom
    • No, logically speaking. To eliminate human energy need, you kill all humans. Plants are solar powered, and humans/animals eat plants. Only way is to get rid of humans

      shrdlushrdluPred dnevom
  • Elon gonna have a private space ship for his son to escape the destruction of the earth.

    Angelo SanchezAngelo SanchezPred dnevom
  • Her question about Human ingenuity finding more fossil fuels right after she credits him for being a "tech guy and a physicist". Does she need to be reminded he revolutionized the electric car? Baffling absurd question. Doesn't she think human ingenuity can further renewables?

    gman YYCgman YYCPred dnevom
  • Edison from our era

    Otto -Otto -Pred dnevom
  • Wow, that endling line!

    LovveLLovveLPred dnevom
  • Fun fact. Elon did not invent anything, he hired people to create Tesla

    Handsome SomabichHandsome SomabichPred dnevom
  • the only time the earth will run out of " hydrocarbons ", is when the earth is destroyed. not before. It might be harder to fine and/or harder and more expensive. but still here, until the earth ceases to exist. Quit listening to the nay-sayers. Such misinformed sheep out there.

    Mott PalmerMott PalmerPred 2 dnevi
  • Charging your cars by coal you didn't solve anything.

    Scott MaddoxScott MaddoxPred 2 dnevi
  • Everything is temporary, just like our lives and so infinity.......fml what did i just say

    Madara UchiwaMadara UchiwaPred 2 dnevi
  • She's so out for some headlines of some sort... Pathetic.

    Sorin TalpisSorin TalpisPred 2 dnevi
  • Dear Elon....blow me

    k bulk bulPred 2 dnevi
  • We really need at least one elon musk in every century to make human age last longer than dinosaur age

    Prem NegiPrem NegiPred 2 dnevi
  • So funny how he acknowledges carbon emissions climbing and all these factors that are facing our future and I wish I could ask him how much carbon emissions come off his little rocket ships. So I guess you can be self proclaimed and claim to be an engineer and a physicist and still be a fuckin complete idiot.

    Thomas ThomsonThomas ThomsonPred 2 dnevi
  • They should really pick better people to interview a person like Elon Musk

    Nathan VandermeerNathan VandermeerPred 2 dnevi
  • Judging by the way she looks at the things Musk says it is obvious that she is getting payed by the oil guy, not the solar guy.

    BeeCeeBeeCeePred 2 dnevi
  • Volume of the sphere is finite, gentlemen. Here's your reply to the "we can keep extracting oil forever" argument.

    Gianluca G.Gianluca G.Pred 2 dnevi
  • What about nuclear?

    Max FmvMax FmvPred 2 dnevi
  • Pls bring on global warming

    Flame ThrowerFlame ThrowerPred 2 dnevi
  • I don’t envy his success. Because now he has to deal with people like this 😅

    Aaron EcuyerAaron EcuyerPred 2 dnevi
  • Jeda Launches USB Hub Console For New Tesla Model 3 And Y: slhttp.info/dron/video/warIf7KNYpJ_u9U.html

    The Love Corner TVThe Love Corner TVPred 2 dnevi
  • When antique thinking meets future thinking.

    Dee Bee (Denbert)Dee Bee (Denbert)Pred 2 dnevi
  • I knew it was a rap when I saw this mans hands at 1:09 like ms interviewer if you don’t get the FU-

    ISpeakKlowdISpeakKlowdPred 2 dnevi
  • In the thumbnail he looks like the kid from cat in the hat who beats him like a pinata

    your dadyour dadPred 2 dnevi
  • You need oil to research and invest into renewable energy. Where do you think the funding comes from people. We can't go green tomorrow. Use your brains!

    Matt RyanMatt RyanPred 2 dnevi
  • When Solar has less toxic byproducts, I will more or less endorse it. Hydroelectricity and nuclear Thorium plants are usually pretty solid, and geothermal (for me) is something I’m not too sure about either way.

    Samuel LanghusSamuel LanghusPred 2 dnevi
  • This is the stupidest video title. He does no convincing or explaining, just says they will run out. Which is debatable as to if and when. You don't think that silicon, nickel and cobalt are a finite resource that will run out too?? Any sucker that thinks solar, or especially electric cars, is the answer i have a plot of land on the moon to sell you right next to Elvis.

    Blunt FactsBlunt FactsPred 2 dnevi
  • this was pretty boring

    j Lj LPred 2 dnevi
  • “Oil won’t run out anytime soon why does it matter” On current pace it will run out in 100 years. That’s VERY soon

    Trevor RobertsTrevor RobertsPred 2 dnevi
  • Its funny how he says coal is in a musea while my country (The Nedetherlands) still has more then 50% of his energy from coal. China also clearly did not get the memo of coal being a musea pice.

    Xie ValkieXie ValkiePred 2 dnevi
  • Has to be one of the dumbest interviewers ever.

    Nick ZaniniNick ZaniniPred 3 dnevi
  • inventing a perpetual motion machine would stop them now ..

    politically incorrectpolitically incorrectPred 3 dnevi
  • He didn't say anything we didn't know, but he said it as someone with power and reach to people with power. Which is what is required to make a difference. For years people have been talking about using solar power and such but it's too expensive for most people and it's just too inefficient. The priority would be to make solar panels a viable resource and batteries a viable energy storage. They need to be more efficient, mass produced, batteries need to store more energy and retain it for as long as possible (Probably with a different mix of battery fluid) and the solar panels/ batteries must be durable. If we can do that people would switch to solar power tomorrow. If the solar panels were efficient enough it would be worth to mass produce them, especially in terms of pollution from their production. That's why he brought up Saudi Arabia, if they invested into solar panels, even today, it would work. But they won't, they refuse because there's too much money to be made with oil. I suppose I am making empty statements as I cannot contribute to the evolution of solar panels myself nor can I say how to do it right this moment without research and testing. Plus anything I say is a waste of time, ever to be forgotten, drowned by the vast volume of comments that are funnier and shorter than mine.+ That video is from 2014....

    m km kPred 3 dnevi
  • Possibly the worst interviewer I have ever seen

    Tyler MarinelliTyler MarinelliPred 3 dnevi
  • That's not true it's becoming easier and cheaper. I work and have worked the oil patch in Canada for years. And old cemented wells that were closed after production are re-producing like the world naturally produces the stuff... Bye the way. Canada has the highest environmental standards comparably to the world.

    Dave CarlsonDave CarlsonPred 3 dnevi
  • We are too focused on the “now,” in which could be detrimental to our species obviously in the long run. Like with the vaccine and all, we don’t know the long term effect but hey, it makes us more immune to the virus now. but again, no one thinks ahead like Elon does

    Brandon NaidasBrandon NaidasPred 3 dnevi
  • Now how do you get the title "Elon Musk Charmingly Defeating a Room Full of Oil Giants" out of this? All life dies without CO2. How is it that in thirty years of CO2 driven climate paranoia, politicians and 'journalists' still haven't discovered CO2's role in life on earth? After all, it's been well established in the science of biology for two hundred years! In CO2's dangerous, inexorable decline from life's birth in 9,000ppm (more than twenty times that of today), towards a lack of CO2 oblivion, more CO2 is the best thing to happen to the environment in millions of years. Particularly since CO2 levels are a follower of temperature levels, not a cause, in climate. The 'Oil Giants' should be shouting this from the rooftops. So should Elon Musk. Barry Bateman, B.Sc.(biology)

    Barry BatemanBarry BatemanPred 3 dnevi
  • Seven years later and we still don't have an answer on how Space Karen expects to build his single use plastic cars without fossil fuels.

    Single SucksSingle SucksPred 3 dnevi
  • One of the greatest motivational speakers of our generation! It’s an honor we have someone like him giving so much back!

    Ryan MattaRyan MattaPred 3 dnevi
  • All his electric shit is still constructed by regular plants that run on fossil fuels

    hippo4g93hippo4g93Pred 3 dnevi
  • Fossil fuels are effectively stored solar energy. Fossil fuels are created through biological processes, which mainly get their energy from solar. In a sense, fossil fuels are by definition a renewable resource, as they were (and are) being created at some rate. From a very basic level, if the rate of change of carbon in the air must be equal and opposite to the rate of change of carbon on/in the ground. If I grow 1 tree per year, and burn 1 tree per year, that is sustainable. It's all about the rate of usage. Since CO2 levels have gone up significantly over the past century, that is a strong indication we are using fossil fuels at a rate higher than they are being created. Therefore, unsustainable rates of usage.

    JordanJordanPred 3 dnevi
  • She literally had nothing to add after that. Moment of silence just trying to wrap her fucking hot air filled ass head around what Elon said.

    Gay ColemanGay ColemanPred 3 dnevi
  • Oil and gas industry is a business. It is a matter of time, the investors will ditch as soon as some thing is more profitable.

    SolarWeereSolarWeerePred 3 dnevi
  • Thousands of capped oil and gas wells all over the world so that they can increase the price and lie to people about how much oil and gas there is in the world. They do the same thing with diamonds and lots of other things that they want to control over people. They can make super efficient gas engines that produce almost zero emissions but they don't care and they want to wreck the world for the devil. We're not running out of oil and gas, it keeps replenishing itself.

    C PC PPred 3 dnevi
  • Clickbait trash

    tenningale ...tenningale ...Pred 3 dnevi
  • CEO, Engineer, and Crypto genius

    AndrewLiftsAndrewLiftsPred 3 dnevi
  • He was talking to gas giants? Man has transcended to the point where he can talk to planets.

    Quantum MagnusQuantum MagnusPred 3 dnevi
  • He is wrong. There is already technilogy to make synthetic fuel with co2, water and electricity. The problem is to generate electricity from a non carbon based source.

    ololo boololo boPred 3 dnevi
  • He’s a snake oil salesman he’s no better than any of them

    kye tilleykye tilleyPred 3 dnevi
  • EV cars don't start becoming environmentally safe until you've owned it for 7 years. Which one of those "tech" people buying Teslas will keep their car for 7 years. Lithium mines are just as harmful as oil, just a way to take your money.

    BigtimeBigtimePred 3 dnevi
  • yes indeed

    Sky OtterSky OtterPred 3 dnevi
  • Solution... bring the dinosaurs back.

    David JamesDavid JamesPred 3 dnevi
  • Yet another false clickbait title.

    GS MusicGS MusicPred 3 dnevi
  • A billion years solid.. i laughed, Elon laughed but the non scientist viewers laughed. FYI, the sun is expanding and will eventually engulf us.

    SheddingSheddingPred 3 dnevi
  • Sometimes it takes a billionaire to get common sense across!

    VishwanathVishwanathPred 3 dnevi
  • See, this is the reason why private industry supports the whole "eliminate common core" education movement our beloved republican party embraces so demonically. This clip should have read "Billionaire suggestions proving that 8th grade science and geography can get you to where he is on fossil fuels and non renewable energy."

    Tj JokerTj JokerPred 3 dnevi
  • There is a man in America that works for alternative, cleaner source of energy as well as renewable energy. However, he is criminally underrated, although he has been relevant for a long time. His name is Reyad Sawafta. He is a pioneer in phase change material. He is worth looking up. The irony is that he tried to initiate research driven facilities in Saudi Arabia, but they denied. They wanted him to be a physics teacher. He said ROFL, and went to America where the American government, NASA and even the military contracted him.

    Backend TowerBackend TowerPred 3 dnevi
  • To sum up the oil industry, when they concluded sea levels would rise due to global warming and hydrocarbon usage, they didn't think of how to prevent global warming, they just built there oil rig platforms 3m taller!!

    DancingFrogs XB1DancingFrogs XB1Pred 3 dnevi
  • The nappy wire grossly slap because feet significantly report following a jolly step-aunt. wild, assorted hardhat

    Владимир  СамухинВладимир СамухинPred 3 dnevi
  • Ya just like the 70's there will be a food shortage lol lol 😆 80's there will be flying cars in 2001 😆🤣 2010 electric car filling stations powered by a diesel generator hidden behind a wood fence for all the fools who fall for every scam!!! 2021 Biden actually won 😆🤣😂

    chicken nuggees Silvachicken nuggees SilvaPred 3 dnevi