Rich Jail vs Broke Jail/ 16 Funny Situations

30. mar. 2021
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It turns out that there are different conditions in the prison. There you can live rich and poor. Let's see the difference between a rich and a poor prison.
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    • I like penny

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  • Did you no when fly 's land they poop

    Julianna ValerieJulianna ValeriePred 55 minutami
  • This doesn’t make any sense cause no matter how rich u are in prison no one is rich or poor because u can’t buy or do anything

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  • hey can you guys do if my dad was a cop

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  • Why do i remember this cell

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  • Poor Alex

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  • Couldn’t the rich prisoner just bail himself out or you can’t bail yourself ?

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  • I would say I like penny the garud

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  • Forbes in rich prison

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  • This is made by fat people in there basement dear god help me😡😤

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  • Poor alex and poor penny

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  • Omg how stupid is this vidio

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  • I don't think police would treat someone any different because of the amount of money they have.

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  • That’s no prison for me 😂

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  • षाषतथमगथतगा

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  • Elsa Elsa

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  • The God

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  • Alex: *can fit through the cells* *Few minutes later* Alex: I’m digging a tunnel to escape

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    • Funny!!! 😂😂😂

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  • Penny

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  • Steve

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  • The funny girl and the rich boy

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  • I am a vegetarian i hated wen u wanted to eat the fly 🤮🤮

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  • It’ll put on because I don’t wanna make no I’m sad

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  • Poor steve

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  • Poor alex

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  • Tis. Jall looks so fun for them

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  • Rich Steve

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  • Thats good

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  • Te gart

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  • Te hart

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  • Mmm,m',,,,,,,,.lll

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  • Forbes has a picture of himself!

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    • 2nd

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  • I think the poor 1 is really reesorsful

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  • I love to be rich

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  • Penney the gard

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  • If you can go in with out the key then you can get out of the cell

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  • tell me y is thay i jail for ad y as the dud ridig a jial sail

  • Htygh

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  • Penny the guard

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  • Alex

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  • All the jails are the same

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  • Penny the guard she is just so nice I like her I wish I was her friend

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    • Same

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    • Me too

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  • I love the Rich

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  • Are my classmates says 1 he's like person in his family is in jail

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  • 😇😁💟💖👍so cool

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  • mrbeasthours

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  • I think Alex is the most because I haven’t seen him in a week maybe like three weeks

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  • ###### poor preason

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  • I like Alex

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  • Rich jail is kerala Malayali undo

  • I like rich Steve

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  • Penny the dark

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  • Rich

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  • Penny

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  • Rich.steve

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  • You lose ALL your money and your job when arrested

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  • Rich

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  • Benny the guard

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  • Rich stev

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  • What type of prison is this I want to be there

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  • Penny and the richy

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  • Wow

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  • Rich

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  • Ima diamond rapper he said, Lil uzi Vert:👀

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  • You should not get that in jail just because your rich

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  • They mocked lil uzi vert

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