Stephen A. "goes crazy" Trae Young takes a bow at MSG after eliminating Knicks from Playoffs

3. jun. 2021
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Stephen A. "goes crazy" Trae Young takes a bow at MSG after eliminating Knicks from Playoffs

  • Lol Knicks are still trash still have 🐀 and is going no where

    Marquez ChapmanMarquez ChapmanPred 7 dnevi
  • Molly should just stick to telling them when time is up.

    johari aquartjohari aquartPred 13 dnevi
  • Molly is sooooo fuucckkiingg annoying bro

    Insert Name HereInsert Name HerePred mesecem
  • Max has been ready for this all year. Batter Up!!! Here we go!!! Now Trolling, Knicks Troller, The Educator in Boxing, MAX KELLERMAN. UHHH...LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!

    AJ 21KAJ 21KPred mesecem
  • Why cut it off at the end when Maxx put the woman in her place with facts?? 😂

    Chris DodgesChris DodgesPred mesecem
  • Hawks ain't winning nothing

    121080hulk121080hulkPred mesecem
    • Guess a Knicks fan would know😂

      Sir William ClickClackSir William ClickClackPred 16 dnevi
    • This comment didn’t age well at all

      6IG SUGE6IG SUGEPred mesecem
    • They're about to beat the Sixers. You never wanna meet Ice Trae in the clutch.

      BakuGOATBakuGOATPred mesecem
    • They winning an NBA playoff series

      Chris DodgesChris DodgesPred mesecem
  • The wonderful swordfish uniquely moor because language relevantly pray inside a unsuitable father. synonymous, filthy dill

    kkwm qgrkkwm qgrPred mesecem
  • We be back next year stronger. Max is hater.. max is asshole, just a snake and trader.

    Warren FranklinWarren FranklinPred mesecem
  • This Hawks line up was built for Trae got Collins and Bogdan who can shoot and Capela who can catch the lob.

    Jonathan CambelJonathan CambelPred mesecem
  • Maxx just needs to justify his hate. Let's keep building New York!

    P V MP V MPred mesecem
    • @Chris Dodges Yeah because NY draft Randle, Rose, Bullock, Gibson lol

      Bonk CaesarBonk CaesarPred mesecem

      Chris DodgesChris DodgesPred mesecem
    • @C.K.M LOL no it wasn’t Knicks ain’t deserved it. Lol y’all stupid

      RedHeadKiRedHeadKiPred mesecem
    • Fuck New York..they ain't even beat the hawks...which was the easiest matchup possible

      C.K.MC.K.MPred mesecem
    • Fck New York

      Bonk CaesarBonk CaesarPred mesecem
  • Trae Young owns the Knicks

    Jon155Jon155Pred mesecem
  • Took a bow

    Elite FamENTElite FamENTPred mesecem
  • Game after tomorrow let's go nets

    Faisal AlhajriFaisal AlhajriPred mesecem
  • Brooklyn nets in second round vs Milwaukee bucks

    Faisal AlhajriFaisal AlhajriPred mesecem
    • Hahah nets crying

      Randy HuynhRandy HuynhPred mesecem
    • Nope

      D. RobertsD. RobertsPred mesecem
  • Finnily the New York knicks out of playoffs 👍😃

    Faisal AlhajriFaisal AlhajriPred mesecem
  • SAS acting is ridiculous! What a clown 🤡

    James BaldwinJames BaldwinPred mesecem
  • Molly stfu!!!!

    Teddy HartTeddy HartPred mesecem